A new theory denoted octopus as alien?

It is a fact that octopuses actually look weird and have a different body structure which makes their appearance odd. They have a strong power to change their own body type and this makes them different from any other creature. The ability to edit their own body in octopus let the biologist think from a different way.

The researchers say that this is not the part of evolution. Evolution is linked with the genetic mutations which work as the change in DNA and works as a beneficial element to the host. So if the evolution works in different manners for all the creatures, how can octopuses evolve in such a manner by which they can rebuild their own body. Now, this is being linked to some new thoughts. The researchers are now saying that this ability doesn’t belong from here. It is the advanced biological ability which is linked with the outer space.

A new theory denoted octopus as alien?

The researchers started looking into this from April last year in which they had collected some octopuses, cuttlefish and squid cousins. They collect their RNA and tested it regularly. The results set this creature apart from the world’s wildlife. RNA is the Record Genetic Code which is like DNA. DNA is a double-stranded molecule and RNA consist of one strand.

The researchers think that RNA is the original DNA which works as the permanent storehouse to denote genetic code in Earth’s earliest organisms. US Marine Biological Laboratory researcher Joshua Rosenthal says,“This shows that high levels of RNA editing … (is) an invention of the coleoid cephalopods.”

“It could be something as simple as temperature changes or as complicated as experience, a form of memory,” Rosenthal added.

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“The conclusion here is that in order to maintain this flexibility to edit RNA, the coleoids have had to give up the ability to evolve in the surrounding regions — a lot,” Rosenthal wrote. This is an interesting approach. But the pieces of evidence needs to be strong enough to come on an appropriate result. Stay tuned to us for more updates and feeds like this.