Anika gets trapped! Ishqbaaz 22nd March 2018 Written Updates

The storyline of Ishqbaaz takes many turns till now. The makers are successfully letting the audience to stick with their television screen. In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that reporters start asking questions to Rudra and blamed him for cheating on Soumya. Rudra cries and Shivaye gets hurt to see him like that.  He gets to know about Soumya and Veer’s plan and decided to expose them.

Shivaye feels apologetic to Anika and goes to defend Rudra. Soumya acts to defend Rudra as well but Shivaye goes in front of the media and tells that the child is his son. Everyone gets shocked and the media start ask Anika about her view. Anika tells media that everything belongs to Shivaye is hers and so that the child. The guests and the media left and Shivaye goes to his room getting sad. Shivaye goes to Anika and apologizes to her. Anika praises Shivaye’s decision and hugs him. On the other side, Roop insulted Veer by getting angry. They both get angry about Anika’s decision.

Anika gets trapped! Ishqbaaz 22nd March 2018 Written Updates

Anika in her room tells Shivaye that she will always support him in all his decision. Shivaye tells Anika that they have to get Soumya’s and Veer’s true face in front of all. Om, Rudra, Bhavya, and Gauri goes to them and tells that they have to fight with those who become a bad sight for them. Shivaye tells them all that they have to make Veer jealous and tells Rudra that his marriage will happen tomorrow.

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In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, we are going to see that Veer will tell Anika that she had spoiled he plan. He will disclose his plan in front of her that he had got Aryan in the house to spoil Rudra’s life. Anika will try to trap him and will give him a script. Veer will then get to know that Shivaye already knows about their plan. He will then call Anika and she will say what. Veer will get tensed and ask if she is Anika. Well, it will be now interesting to see that how will Anika save herself from Veer’s trap. Stay tuned to us for more updates and feeds like this.