Delhi surgeon operated a patient with head injury wrong

Another case of the wrong operation comes forward from a reputed hospital in Delhi where a patient gets operated on his legs who was suffering from a head injury. This case is raising the questions that can the patients actually trust on the surgeons nowadays. This recent incidence takes place at Sushruta Trauma Centre which is a centre channelized by Delhi government to provide trauma services.

Vijendra Tyagi gets admitted to this trauma centre after the accident in which he gets injured with some minor head injuries. The surgeon out there gets confused between the patients whose name were similar to pronounced. He takes Vijendra as Virendra who was suffering from a fractured leg and gets admitted to the same ward. Vijendra’s son, Ankit Tyagi says,”The surgeon drilled a small hole into my father’s right leg to put a pin. It was done under anaesthesia so he didn’t even realise the mistake or raise an alarm.”

Delhi surgeon operated a patient with head injury wrong

This incidence takes place on 19 April 2018 at 9:30 am. Ankit says that the authority corrects their mistake within hours to be away from any of such allegations. Dr Bahl says,”The doctor has been barred from conducting surgeries without supervision with immediate effect.” Another senior doctor says,”A small hole is drilled into the leg and a pin is placed in the fractured bone. After that, weights are attached to it so the bone can be pulled into the correct position.”

Ankit added,”My father still has a headache and pain in the chest where there is an injury. But, due to the needless procedure, he is now unable to walk.” Most recently another incidence was taken place at AIIMS where the surgeons performed the standard vascular procedure on a patient which is used for the treatment of chronic kidney disease. A senior doctor says,”Before any procedure, doctors and nurses have to run check-lists multiple times. Such negligence is rare but even that shouldn’t happen because it imperils someone’s life.”