E. Coli outbreak now linked to romaine lettuce become a cause of 5 deaths

The national food poisoning outbreak now becomes a cause for 5 deaths and 200 sickness cases in New York. This outbreak is now getting linked with romaine lettuce which gives way to high alert. The researchers found a link between E.coli outbreak and the lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona. People are guided by the same but this lettuce can be in many stores or people’s home even now.

This is found to be the largest E. coli outbreak in a decade which had sickened around 200 people so far in 35 states. There are around 89 people who were hospitalized. The first illness case come in front in March and from then the number are going to be increased in different states. Many people get sickened after eating the romaine lettuce which is still available in stores.

E. Coli outbreak now linked to romaine lettuce become a cause of 5 deaths

Some of them say that they get affected by this disease when they contacted those who had eaten that lettuce. Researchers say that most of the E. coli bacteria are not harmful but some of that can create toxins which can make a person ill. The symptoms come in front after consuming the bacteria in three to four days. Stomach Cramp, Diarrhea, and vomiting are some of the major symptoms of such illness.

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One can recover within a week but for some, this can be more dangerous and can become a threat to their lives as well. Researchers say that people need to be more attentive toward what they are eating till when the situation does not get under control. Avoid consuming lettuce for some days even if you have some in your home. Other than this, if you see any of such symptom which is linked to this E. coli outbreak, then immediately consult to the nearby health official. Stay tuned to us for more updates and feeds like this.