Five new Whatsapp latest updates you should know about

Whatsapp is getting the continuous updates which will provide the ease to its users. If you are a whatsapp user, then you should know about the five latest updates introduced by the makers recently. As it becomes the most popular messaging app globally and is providing many friendly features to the users, this is letting more and more people join the great platform of communication.

Five new Whatsapp latest updates you should know about

The Facebook-owned company, Whatsapp again get some new features for the users which will be adequate for your usage for sure. Here are those latest updates:

  • Click to chat- This new “Click to Chat” feature will allow the users to communicate the unsaved number as well. Sometimes we want to talk to the user for once for that we need to save the number, but not now. This latest update will allow you to chat with the unsaved numbers as well.
  • Link to Facebook- Facebook which is the parent company for Whatsapp now gets a new feature which will allow the users to share a link immediately by ‘Send to Whatsapp’. Now the users will not need to share the option in the drop-down menu.
  • Group audio calls- Another feature on which it is still working on is the group audio call feature for iOS devices. This is not updated that how many people of a group can use this feature at once.
  • Media visibility feature- Another new feature for Android beta version is the Media visibility feature. By which the users can change the setting if they don’t want to let Whatsapp media content appear in the gallery.
  • Account information- Another new feature is the account information which will allow the user to get the report of his/her account information. This will not give the information about messages. The report which is generated by Whatsapp in every three days, can also be shared with another app.