Hotel pools are full of Parasites and bacteria, CDC says

Pools of hotels and other public spots which are marked as cleaned are full of nasty germs, parasites and bacterias. If you want to have some full in the hotel pool then you need to know about the recent CDC report. The recent report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the pool illness cases gets way from the diarrhoea-causing bacteria known as Cryptosporidium or crypto. This report comes in front on Thursday which says that most of the illness outbreaks are connected with the hotel swimming pools.

People often face the red, bloodshot eye and some skin related infections after swimming in a pool. This happens because of the urine and other germs which gets mixed together. The redness of eye is just because of those swimmers who peed in the pool.

Michele Hlavsa who is the chief of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says,“The nitrogen in the urine combines with the chlorine and it forms what’s known as chloramine and it’s actually chloramine that causes the red eyes.” He mentioned this in the interview with Today in 2015. He also added,” It’s chlorine mixed with poop and sweat and a lot of other things we bring into the water with us.”

Hotel pools are full of Parasites and bacteria, CDC says

Hlavsa says that if your pool will have a strong chlorine smell then mark it as unhygienic as it will be filled up with urine. “It’s not chlorine’s job to clean pee from a swimming pool. Its plate is full with E. coli and other germs. Once people start adding pee, poop, sweat, and dirt to the equation, it starts to try to tackle those instead, leaving it with little energy for anything else,” said Hlavsa.

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Here are some tips from CDC following which you can enjoy swimming in the pool:

  • Take a shower before and after getting into the pool. This will wash off germs from your body and will not cause an infection to your skin.
  • If you are facing the situation of diarrhoea and other bowel issues, then avoid swimming for other’s safety.
  • Don’t swallow the water at all. Tell the same to your kids.
  • Do not pee in the pool water and nag your kids too.