Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2018 Written Updates: Abhi struggles to save his nephew!

The current leap in Kumkum Bhagya gets an interesting turn in the storyline. Both Abhi and Pragya’s love story take such a turn, that they got separated and are struggling to manage their lives. In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we had seen that client gives an offer to Purab, King and Abhi for which King gets agreed immediately. Abhi received a call from Sunny’s school and left in a hurry.

Abhi goes to meet the Principal as she had a complaint about Sunny. The principal tells Abhi that Sunny had torn someone’s book in the class. King calls Pragya and tells that he get agreed to think about the album. In the school, Abhi calls Kiara and she starts teasing Sunny again. Just then, some terrorist enters into Sunny and Kiara’s school and attacked the watchmen. Pragya sensed that something wrong is going to happen and calls Tarun.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2018 Written Updates: Abhi struggles to save his nephew!

Kiara asks innocently in front of the principal and leaves. She waited for Abhi and Sunny outside and tells Abhi that he is her friend now. Abhi asks for her number and tries to apologise to her. On the other side, Pragya and Tarun get ready to go to Kiara’s school and sit in the car. Pragya gets more tensed for Kiara and prays for her. Abhi on the other side thinks that why did he feel so connected with Kiara. At the school, Abhi gets collided with the terrorists and gets Aaliya’s call. He gets angry on her when she asked for the last chance.

In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we are going to see that terrorists will attack everyone in the school and will take the principal at gunpoint. They will then demand a helicopter. Soon the police come outside Kiara’s and Sunny’s school. The whole situation will make Pragya and Abhi tensed. Abhi will struggle to save Sunny and will ask the cop to let him go inside. Soon Pragya and Tarun will reach there and will get shocked to see the whole situation. It will be interesting to see that how will Abhi save the lives of many. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Kumkum Bhagya like this.