NCERT survey: Delhi students are weak in Math & English

A recent survey conducted by NCERT tells that Delhi is amongst the five worst performing states and Union Territories in all over India. It updated that Delhi student found to be the week in Maths and English. This weakness is found to higher in Class 8 students. This performance level of students in Mathematics found to be poor for class 3 students. The update is made by the National Achievement Survey (NAS) which gets conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) past year.

The survey gets a new phase of the educational system in front which now puts up the question that where is our education system is moving. The survey also updated about the poor quality of education in our country. In Delhi which is the national capital of India, only 32 percent of class 8th student is able to answer the basic questions related to English and only 34 percent of the student answered the questions related to mathematics.


NCERT survey: Delhi students are weak in Math & English

When the council researched about the same for class 3rd student it found that only 54 percent of the student was able to answer the mathematics sums and there was only 58 percent of the student who had answered the English questions. In the survey, this test included 2.2 million of students from 110,000 schools from all over the country. The questions were designed in such a manner that it can tell about the basic knowledge of students in the region of Mathematics and English.

Saumya Gupta tells that the director of Directorate of Education says,”We are not surprised. Before the NAS, we did our own comprehensive learning assessment in 2016 itself and found that there were shocking learning gaps. We as a government acknowledged the learning gaps and designed the Chunauti project to work on it. One lakh children improved their reading skills in 2016-17. But the learning gaps are of many years and there is no magic wand.”