People in Thane gets alerted after stray found to had rabies

A recent report comes from Thane where people get alerted about the signs of rabies. This all comes in front when the postmortem report of a stray shows that it had rabies. The stray gets stoned to death when she had bitted four people one week ago. The municipal health official denoted it as a confirmed case of rabies and ask the people to stay alert so that the situation will not take a drastic shape. The Bombay veterinary hospital in Parel comes forward with this report.

It is denoted to be the first case of rabies from Thane city after which the authority putting an effort to vaccinate all the strays. The authority people had also spread the awareness about this and ask the people to be known about the signs. The people tell that the stray had bitten four people amongst which there are an 8 years old boy and an infant. All the four people were taken to the hospital immediately and get the anti-rabies injection as well.

People in Thane gets alerted after stray found to had rabies

A senior civic official says,” “The incident took place in broad daylight and the public stoned the dog and injured it so badly that she died before we could start the treatment. Her body was sent for post-mortem at the Bombay veterinary hospital and the reports confirmed that she was suffering from rabies.”

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Dr Sandhya Khadse who is the dean at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital says, “Immediately after the four patients were admitted we gave them adequate vaccinations, including the immunoglobulin vaccine, which neutralises the rabies virus as it is given directly on the wound. We are keeping a close watch on their health, but if we come across any symptoms like fear, spasm or fear of water, then the person will be sent to Kasturba hospital for further treatment.”