Vitamin D found beneficial for malnourished kids

In a recent research Vitamin D found to be effective for the growth of malnourished kids. The research tells that it helps to improve the overall health of these children. The study carried by the University of Punjab Pakistan and the Queen Mary University of London, tells that a higher intake of vitamin D supplements helps for weight gain and the language development of malnourished children.

Vitamin D which is effective for the bone and muscle strength and founds to be a protective element from flu and colds in children by the study done last year at Queen Mary researchers. The researchers from there come forward with some more benefits of vitamin D. Javeria Saleem who is the leading author and researcher says,”High-dose vitamin D significantly boosted weight gain in malnourished children. This could be a game-changer in the management of severe acute malnutrition, which affects 20 million children worldwide.”

Vitamin D found beneficial for malnourished kids

Another senior author Adrian Martineau says,”This is the first clinical trial in humans to show that vitamin D can affect brain development, lending weight to the idea that vitamin D has important effects on the central nervous system. Further trials in other settings are now needed to see whether our findings can be reproduced elsewhere. We are also planning a larger trial in Pakistan to investigate whether high-dose vitamin D could reduce mortality in children with severe malnutrition.”

Vitamin D supplementation now found effective for the malnourished children who face the situation of delayed motor development and delayed language development and delayed global development. At this Senior author, Rubeena Zakar says that their findings will help for the growth of malnourished children and to the Health Ministry of Pakistan in dealing with the issue of malnutrition.