Weight gain is less linked with genes and more with diet

People who want to get rid of their belly fat and think that they are fat as many others in their family are like that, they are actually thinking wrong. Yes, genetics are linked with a number of attributes like the colour of your eye, the shape of your years but less with the fat. A recent research tells that genetics has no linked with the weight loss or weight gain for anyone.

To give a proofread reason, the scientists of King’s College London gives way to a study in which 786 people take part. The scientists try to notify that how the gut processes and distributes the fat in someone’s body. To reach to a valid statement the scientists had taken some stool samples from twins and get to know about the biomarkers in the faeces which works as an agent to increase visceral fat around a person’s waist.

Lead investigator of the research Cristina Menni says,”This study has really accelerated our understanding of the interplay between what we eat, the way it is processed in the gut, and the development of fat in the body, but also immunity and inflammation.”

Weight gain is less linked with genes and more with diet

“By analyzing the fecal metabolome, we have been able to get a snapshot of both the health of the body and the complex processes taking place in the gut,” Menni adds.

After reading the samples the researchers concluded that genetics can only be a partial reason for weight gain. It is a person’s diet and daily routine which gives way to excess fat in the body. The study says that only 17.9 percent of changes in the gut can be linked to hereditary factors.

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“This exciting work in our twins shows the importance to our health and weight of the thousands of chemicals that gut microbes produce in response to food,” says study co-author Prof. Tim Spector who is the head of King’s College London’s Twin Research Group.