What Astronauts Saw When They Look At Earth From Space

There’s been no scarcity of exhibits this century looking for to dissect and expound on the unusual pure mysteries of Earth. David Attenborough managed to jumpstart issues with the BBC’s Blue Planet again within the day, after which with Planet Earth. Now, each season appears to herald a brand new mini-series targeted on exhibiting precisely how wondrous and distinctive our third rock from the solar actually is.

One Unusual Rock, Nationwide Geographic Channel’s ten-episode collection produced by Darren Aronofsky and Will Smith (who additionally doubles as a narrator) is simply the newest on this entry, however with a twist: Every episode is hosted by an astronaut who has been to house, utilizing the tales of what they’ve seen and heard and felt whereas drifting weightlessly in Earth’s orbit to regale Earthlings concerning the distinctive dwelling we’ve got, not like something we’re prone to uncover out in the remainder of the universe.

“It may be the weirdest place within the universe,” Smith says about Earth within the collection’ opening scene. Every astronaut discusses a particular theme or idea vital to our understanding of the planet’s evolution, and the way it’s helped result in the human species’ dominance of this world.

“It’s like I lived my life in a little bit darkish room and someone flipped on a lightweight,” astronaut Peggy Whitson, the document holder for essentially the most cumulative time spent in house, says at one level.

Take “Gasp,” the premiere episode of One Unusual Rock. Hosted by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, “Gasp” primarily tells the story of oxygen on Earth. The episode demonstrates not simply how the oxygen cycle strikes by way of the smallest microbes to the tallest reaches of the environment and sustains most life all through the planet. Studying to “gasp” allowed us to evolve into complicated creatures, however it additionally comes with extreme organic limitations. Respiration oxygen is each a present and a curse.

 What Astronauts Saw When They Look At Earth From Space

Hadfield drives this level acutely dwelling by way of a narrative of his personal, recounting the time throughout a spacewalk when his helmet grew to become contaminated by some type of anti-fog answer and prompted him to lose the power to see for a number of minutes. The answer to clear up the issue was to launch his personal oxygen out from his helmet into house, and flush out the contaminant.

For Hadfield, respiratory instantly remodeled from one thing so automated and pure he by no means gave it a second’s thought to a precarious motion requiring his full consideration. Oxygen, which is actually Hadfield’s lifeline, is now hissing out of his helmet, and will this plan fail, he’ll be gasping furiously for air.